ceptekampüs is fast, lightweight mobile student information system and can be implemented for all universities.

Secure Authentication

ceptekampüs lets you log in to your student account securely. Moreover, application holds a session so that you don't have to enter your credentials all the time.

User-Friendly Interface

Since our design aspect is based on simplicity, we offer a simple interface that looks good but doesn't strain the yes of the user. Based on classic Android design convention, user knows how to use the app even for the first time.

Instant Notification

ceptekampüs offers users to be instantly notified of updates about their exams, grades and classrooms.

Comprehensive Content

ceptekampüs consists of nearly all of the data that is in the information system. From academic calendar to attendance info, it provides many features.

Video Tutorial

What you Get with ceptekampüs?

Major / Minor Departments

Student can jump from one department to another with one tap.

Student Information

Students can examine their transcript, grades, exam dates, weekly schedule, etc. pleasantly.

Messages & Announcements

Users can check their incoming messages from instructors and announcements in university.

Upcoming Courses

Students can easily see their upcoming courses on main screen.

Last Announced Grades

Last announced grades can be recognized by students instantly via notifications.

Upcoming Exams

The upcoming exam with details like, date and place can be seen by student.


Events of University are shown to the users in an aesthetic way.